Jazz Diaz  -  Artist 

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Jazz Diaz is a visual artist both in traditional painting, drawing and printing as well as a graphic designer and illustrator. Her mediums and styles are in painting murals, printing and  illustration.

Jazz Diaz (she, her, hers) was born in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in the Central Valley on occupied Yokut territory known as the City of  Merced. Jazz identifies with her indigenous  roots in solidarity with the Nawat Pipil of Kuskatan ( El Salvador). Her journey to revitalize indigeneity for herself and her daughter is reflected in her art and artivism standing in solidarity with Indigenous Resistance and healing.

Jazz moved to the Central Valley in 2011 and began painting murals with the community, youth, and other local artists. It is in the Central Valley that Jazz gravitated towards the importance of artivism in social justice movements and community organizing. Finding a place where art can be used as a tool to empower,  inform and heal.

Currently Jazz works as a contract artist painting murals, doing illustrations and workshops in printmaking and community art. Jazz is currently finishing up her degree in studio art with a minor in Ethnic Studies at CSU Stanislaus. Her goal is to  pursue a teaching degree where she can work with youth in the school district and continue to paint murals.


As a youth Jazz had the opportunity to study art at Otis, Art Center and UCLA through a youth group known at the time as the HeART project now known as ArtWorxLA. This is were Jazz  realized the importance of art and programing in continuation high schools and community. Continuing the practice of reciprocity in community and art.

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